New Airport

The new Quito Airport called Mariscal Sucre opened in March of 2013. It is named after the independence hero Antonio José de Sucre. The airport is located in Tababela which only 13 km north of the city and the new toll road is now open.  Travel time from the airport along the new road is approximately 45-50 minutes.


1) by taxi  $27.00 US approximately. Go to the Taxi Dispatch booth inside the terminal and tell them you want to go to Hostel Revolution. They will give you a slip of paper to give to the taxi driver. Taxis can be shared to split the cost if someone else is going to the City. Most drivers are familiar with the address of the Hostel.  If the driver is not familiar with the street address tell him Los Rios near the Maternity Hospital (Hospital Maternidad.)

2) Express Airport Shuttle   “aeroservicio” (direct) to the old Airport then city bus or taxi to the Hostel. Buses leave every 30 minutes. Cost $8.00 per person plus about $8.00 for a taxi. The ticket counter is in the arrival hall at the new airport. Directly in front of the old terminal is the “Blue” MetroBus Line stop called Aeropuerto. Take the city Bus (.25 cents) marked with an “Amazonas” or “Juan Leon Mera” sign go to La Mariscal. From there take a Taxi to the Hostel about $3.00

3) Take the public shuttle bus (slow, many stops) to the Rio Coca terminal. From the Rio Coca bus terminal you can take  the “Red” Ecovia bus to the Simon Bolivar stop at Park Alemeda. We are a short, 1 block walk uphill from this bus stop. Take the shuttle bus from the airport to Rio Coca. You can buy the ticket from a person who is sitting outside the arrival hall. It costs 2 dollars and you need to change at Rio Coca Station. There are two terminals next to each other. Leave the one where you arrive and go the other one just across the smaller street.When you enter the terminal you have to pay 0.25 dollars. If you take an Ecovia Bus (look for the signs C3 and C2) from Rio Coca, our stop is Simon Bolivar. From there it is 5 minute walk to our hostel. This is the cheapest option; however the bus from Rio Coca can be crowded and you should always keep an eye on your belongings. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Rio Coca which costs around 8 dollars.